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About Concord Fortune

Concord Fortune was founded in 2002 in Hong Kong, with two regional offices in India and Singapore and permanent representative offices in Shanghai and Beijing. Our main business is focused on warehousing and trading iron ore from Australia, Brazil, South Africa, India and importing it into China.

Our way of working

The secret of supply chain management lies in ensuring that everyone is happy to work together to make the whole process a positive and rewarding experience.

No people, no supply chain. The better the people, the smoother running the supply chain. Concord Fortune’s skilled and experienced staff, working with our business partners, are our biggest asset. The most compatible links make the most reliable supply chain. Those links at Concord Fortune are our highly professional people and our carefully selected partners.


Our aim is to provide a comprehensive, one-stop business rather which offers maximum added value for our clients - a major advantage over the traditional business model. 

    -  Trading in iron ore and other minerals
    -  Trading in coal and coke

International Shipping

    -  Ship management
    -  Ship operation
    -  Feeder transport
    -  Ship investment

Mining Investment

    -  Iron ore mining
    -  Bauxite Mining

Other Activities

    -  Finance and real estate

Our core business

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