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Concord Fortune

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Concord Fortune was founded in 2002 in Hong Kong, with two regional offices in India and Singapore and permanent representative offices in Shanghai and Beijing. Our main business is focused on warehousing and trading iron ore from Australia, Brazil, South Africa, India and importing it into China.

We also trade in coal, coke, bauxite and other minerals. Recently, we have rapidly expanded our operations to invest in additional areas of activity including mining, international shipping, finance, real estate, Fisheries and Agriculture.

Corporate culture and business philosophy

We are committed to developing traditional product trade into the integration of the overall supply chain, and strive to provide the greatest added value to our customers.


People-oriented, unity and progress

All employees and partners are our most valuable asset and the driving force behind our progress and development.

Fast, effective, reliable and creative


Relying on our professional team, clear business goals and flat management structure, the group has achieved rapid, efficient and steady development in recent years. Continuous innovation and greater brilliance are the goals we will always pursue unremittingly.


Harmonious development and joint creation of wealth

Synchronizing with the harmonious development of society and the environment, achieving win-win results with all partners, and creating wealth for the enterprise and society are our business goals.


Social responsibility

Concord Fortune Charity Fund was officially established in 2011 and was approved by HKSAR to become a charitable institution from tax under section 88 of the Inland Revenue Ordinance.

Concord Fortune Charity Fund is dedicated to helping children in disadvantaged communities.

Our responsibility

The trading of ferrous and non-ferrous metals is our company's main business, but it is known that the mining, processing, transportation and trading of these metals can have adverse environmental, social and governance (ESG) impacts.


As a trader of physical commodities, we are committed to taking the environment, people's well-being, and human health and safety as the highest principles in the process of operating and managing our business to determine and guide business behavior, and do our best to reduce negative impacts on the environment. Consciously fulfill the social responsibilities of corporate citizens.

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Job Search and Recruitment

Concord Fortune is committed to discovering talents and young people to join us.

The Shanghai branch participates in joint job fairs with universities to recruit capable and passionate graduates to join our team and become the group's key training targets in the future.

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