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Our responsibility

The trading of ferrous and non-ferrous metals is our company's main business, but it is known that the mining, processing, transportation and trading of these metals can have adverse environmental, social and governance (ESG) impacts.


As a trader of physical commodities, we are committed to taking the environment, people's well-being, and human health and safety as the highest principles in the process of operating and managing our business to determine and guide business behavior, and do our best to reduce negative impacts on the environment. Consciously fulfill the social responsibilities of corporate citizens.

1. Sustainable environment

We are committed to working tirelessly and conscientiously to protect the environment and are committed to transitioning to low-carbon and zero-carbon energy. We ensure that we aim to effectively manage our environment in line with the principles of the Paris Climate Agreement. We also have in-depth communication with related parties in our business, such as suppliers, customers and trading partners, in order to effectively understand, manage and reduce the negative risks and impacts of our business on the environment. The goal is to avoid significant or catastrophic environmental incidents from our business activities.

2. Responsibilities in Procurement

We adopt the recommendations of the International OECD’s Due Diligence Guidelines for Mineral Supply Chains from Conflict-Affected and High-Risk Areas as the principles of our procurement policy. The "Guide" points out the direction on respecting human rights and how to avoid conflicts in the procurement process. We conduct independent third-party audit investigations at identified points in the supply chain. We have also strengthened communication and training for our employees and suppliers to fully understand and respond to ESG risks to ensure compliance with our commitment to operating a responsible supply chain.

3. Human rights protection

We believe that respect for human rights is one of the basic principles of our company's sustainable development. We consciously list this principle as prohibiting forced labor and child labor, opposing racial discrimination, the principle of fairness and equality, protecting personal dignity and value, and integrating it into our human resources management and sales process management policies. At the same time, we also encourage our customers to do the same and take all necessary measures to oppose any human rights violations. Our goal is to build mutual trust between employees and other business stakeholders and build a harmonious society.

4. Health and safety

We are committed to operating safely and avoiding all deaths, occupational diseases and injuries. Ensure working conditions, health and safety in all our workplaces in different countries and regions, and conduct health and safety due diligence on global suppliers and customers. We select our suppliers and customers with health and safety standards as the highest standards and principles we follow in our business. Our vision does not come at the cost of loss of life or major accidents. The safety and well-being of our employees and all involved is always our first priority.

Code of Ethical Conduct

We are committed to acting as responsible corporate citizens in our business activities. We maintain a unified ethical culture across all operations across the company by implementing a code of ethics and compliance that includes risk assessment, policy and procedure designation, training, monitoring, disclosure, and requires all of our employees to acknowledge and comply with . We also encourage our suppliers and customers to adopt a code of ethics and compliance standards similar to ours. Our intention is to conduct business with integrity and the highest ethical standards in compliance with all internationally applicable laws and practices and to avoid any commercial fraud and disaster.

Message from the Chairman


Chairman of the Board of Directors of Concord Fortune

Simon Liu

First of all, on behalf of the board of directors of Concord Fortune, I would like to express my sincere gratitude to partners and customers in various fields for their support over the years, including government units, financial institutions, banks, mines, steel mills and trading companies, as well as to all the passionate employees of Concord Fortune. Work hard and work hard.

The group has been established for more than 20 years. Concord Fortune has grown rapidly from its initial trading volume and freight volume of hundreds of thousands of tons. In less than ten years since its establishment, it has achieved a record of three consecutive years in which the annual iron ore trading volume has exceeded 10 million tons and the turnover has exceeded US$1 billion. record, and ranks among the top ten iron ore traders in China. The annual cargo volume has also exceeded five million tons, and the routes have expanded from near-ocean routes to global routes.

Concord Fortune launched its listing plan on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange in June 2011, and appointed Macquarie Bank and BOCOM as sponsors for listing guidance. It completed due diligence and entered the road show stage. In the end, although due to the European debt crisis at the end of 2011 , resulting in a significant drop in valuation, the group gave up its listing plan after repeated considerations. However, this experience also allowed Concord Fortune to enter the international capital market and laid a solid foundation for further development in the capital market.

Looking back at the development history of Concord Fortune, the following milestones are the material for us to review history, and they are also the motivation for us to strive for progress and surpass ourselves in the future:

-In 2011, Concord Fortune joined the Singapore government’s Global Trader Program (GTP) and enjoyed special tax benefits

-In 2011, Concord Fortune Charity Fund was approved by the Hong Kong SAR government and became a legal charity;

-In 2012, Concord Fortune took the lead in combining the traditional model of iron ore trading with futures, creating an industry first

-In 2013, Concord Fortune was awarded the title of Quality Market Maker and Top Ten Iron Ore Trading Customers by the Singapore Exchange (SGX)

-In 2014, Concord Fortune established a joint venture asset management company with a large domestic private steel mill and is fully responsible for the company's investment and operations.

Fulfilling the social responsibilities of corporate citizens is what Concord Fortune has always adhered to. We believe this responsibility is to manage our business responsibly for shareholders, employees and society. We firmly believe that sustainable development and success in business operations are inseparable from good corporate behavior.

Speed, efficiency, integrity and innovation are all concepts we have adhered to since the beginning of our business. We are committed to providing customers with comprehensive and sophisticated services, providing the highest added value, and becoming the most advanced one-stop service resource provider, supply chain service provider and asset manager. We will continue to develop steadily and work sincerely with all partners to create a prosperous future.

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