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Concord Fortune Ming Tak Charity Fund



We believe knowledge can change one’s destiny


To help those who help themselves and bless them with a better living



Let those capable students who are in poor financial support to have an equal opportunity to receive higher education.​


In light of the recent education reform in Hong Kong and the extension of “free education” until high school, every student shall in principle, enjoy the privilege in receiving proper education. However, there are still some talented and passionate teenagers who got offers from tertiary institutions, but due to poor financial support, have to either surrender their offers or to take up 4-5 part-time jobs in order to make a living, which in turn deteriorates their academic performance.


With our financial support, we hope to provide timely assistance to meet the students’ pressing needs. Besides we want to relieve their financial burden so that they can give heed to their school work, as well as enjoy all-round campus life.

We look forward to their devotion to the community during and after completion of their study.


Concord Fortune Ming Tak Scholarship Prize Presentation Ceremony

Concord Fortune Ming Tak Scholarship Prize Presentation Ceremony 2013 was held successfully at Wan Chai, Hong Kong on 12 Oct 2013. We have invited Dr M Y Ngan, Assistant Professor in the Department of Curriculum and Instruction at the Hong Kong Institute of Education, as our guest of honour.

This year there are 8 new laureates, who were presented the prizes by guest of honour and the Directors of Concord Fortune Group under the witness of the representives of their respective alma maters, parents and Scout Leaders. Details of Concord Fortune Ming Tak Scholarship 2013: Please click here​ (Chinese Only)

During the ceremony Dr Ngan has delievered a speech which emphasised that students should bear the characters of resilience, perseverance and a grateful heart. In the future they should become responsible persons and make contribution to the society。

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