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Concord Fortune Charity Fund

Social responsibility

Showing respect and concern for society is a major component of our business practice at Concord Fortune. We aim not only for complete compliance with legislation and excellence in corporate governance, but to make a real difference to both society and the environment. We have high ideals and are determined to deliver them.

About us

Concord Fortune Charity Fund Limited was established in 2011 by Concord Fortune Group as an approved charity institution under Section 88 of the Inland Revenue Ordinance of the HKSAR.

To kick start the Fund, Concord Fortune Group has injected an initial endowment and has pledged to donate ongoing funding from its day-to-day operations: with the amount of funding directly linked to the tonnage of materials traded by the Group. This ties in with the Group’s core business philosophy - to “give back” to the community within which we operate.

The main focus of the Fund is to help underprivileged children to equip themselves through education and proper training so they can earn their living independently as well as make their contribution to society in the future.

To minimise the administrative cost, as well as giving its colleagues an opportunity to work and contribute to the community, Concord Fortune Group encourages the personal participation of staff and also their families.

Concord Fortune Charity Fund also welcomes collaboration with other non-profit organisations to conduct projects which help socially vulnerable groups in Hong Kong.



Concord Fortune Charity Fund Committee Members


President:                Simon Liu

Vice President:          Daniel Yeung

                                    Robin Wang

Honor Secretary:   Horace Tsui

Committee:               Gwenny Wu

                   Raine Chone

                                    Ivan Chu

                                    Elaine Chan

                                    Celia Kwok

                                    Raymond Ching

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